Qarad’s eIFU services are
being rebranded to IFUcare

We are more than excited to officially announce that Qarad’s eIFU services are being rebranded to IFUcare. It has been 14 years since Qarad pioneered the launch of the first eIFU website. After years of hard work, keeping up with ever-changing regulations and developing new features to match customer’s needs, our well-established service will further evolve as IFUcare (a Qarad brand).

What is IFUcare? 

IFUcare allows medical device and IVD manufacturers to distribute their instructions for use and other regulatory documents in a compliant way. In addition, it helps them reduce risk and save time and money.

With IFUcare, you enjoy the combination of:

  • a compliant, validated and easy-to-use website to distribute your eIFUs
  • a freephone service to meet the regulatory requirement to provide paper copies upon request
  • a single supplier solution based on Qarad’s regulatory expertise 

Evolution of IFUcare: from paper to digital

The Qarad eIFU services started in 2008, following the first guidance document that mentioned an electronic distribution of IFUs (MEDDEV 2.14/3).

“The development of IFUcare was driven by the strong belief that new technologies should make our customers’ lives easier. Our in-depth knowledge of IVD and MD regulations gave us a strong starting point.” 
– Dirk Stynen, General Manager of Qarad

When IFUcare started, paper instructions for use were still the norm, but the acceptance towards eIFU became more common. The Qarad eIFU services started with a system to guide customers to a single document based on a unique keycode, provided by the manufacturer. During the past 14 years, IFUcare further evolved based on ever-changing regulations, specific customer requirements and specific business cases. Furthermore, Qarad received its ISO 13485 approval on quality in 2012 and its ISO 27001 approval on security in 2020. As a result, IFUcare’s system now offers customers:

  • a configurable search interface
  • controlled publication of content to the public
  • document management which allows region control and version information
  • support to both Healthcare Professionals and Patients
  • optimized user management 
  • API integration with content management systems
  • SSO

Future of IFUcare: different name, same quality and expertise

Are you already familiar with Qarad and our eIFU service? Don’t worry, we will continue to deliver the same quality and expertise under the IFUcare name.

Interested in IFUcare and want to find out more? Please visit our brand new IFUcare website and don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help!


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